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Name:alec brennan

alec brennan

The product of a one night stand, Alec is the son of Thomas Brennan, a former wizarding mercenary, and Sabrina Cordell, a human debutante. After he was born, Alec’s mother vanished from his life, leaving him with his dad, who had done his best to straighten out his act in order to provide for his son. They lived and worked in a tiny mechanic shop, scraping to get by. Alec was always resentful of his absentee mother, who had more than enough money to easily provide for them both, but instead chose to act as though they didn’t exist.

After a misguided attempt at blackmail Sabrina over the existence of Alec, Thomas wound up dead, and Alec would have very nearly followed suit if not for the fact that he was faster on the draw with his magic than his would-be assailant was with his gun.

Not long after that, Alec fell in with his dad’s old merc group, and they taught him the tools of the trade. Where before, Alec was an Elementialist, a wizard whose focus lies in wielding the elements, he learned enough to be classified as a Jack, a wizard who borrows from many different schools of magic. (The name comes from the phrase “Jack of all trades, and master of none.”) He learned spells to pick locks and to make himself invisible and to enhance his natural strength and speed. Outside of magic, he learned how to collect secrets, and how to sell them.

Now part information broker, part thief, and part saboteur, he tracked down his mother, and effectively ruined her life by destroying her reputation and her marriage to a well-to-do businessman. But he didn’t stop there. He started making a name for himself by pulling power and influence out from underneath those who had it, for the benefit of those who did not.

Alec primarily works alone, and masks a lot of bitter, world-weary anger with an air of flippant sarcasm and cockiness. He’s ruthless and practical and manipulative, but that’s okay, because he’s not here to make friends. He’s here to level the playing field.

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